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Applying to be a Vendor

How Does the Application Process Work?
All vendors from the 2019 show are grandfathered in until APRIL 30, 2020. 2019 vendors have until this date to submit an application for the 2020 Bazaar in order to reserve your booth. After this date, we can't guarantee you a booth!

After we process applications for returning vendors, we turn our attention to accepting applications from new vendors.  We accept new vendors according to the date applied.  

All applications must be mailed or hand-delivered with booth fees. Sorry, we do not accept credit cards.  If we cannot accommodate you with a booth space, we will either immediately refund your money and return your application, or we will add you to the wait list.


How much does the booth cost?
Our booths are $140 each. If you need electricity, that costs an additional $20.  If you need a table, that costs an additional $20 for a table and chair rental.  Note that we have a limited number of tables available for rent, and we have only a limited number of spaces within the church that have electricity.

What if a vendor cancels?
If a vendor is assigned a booth space and they need to cancel, we refund the booth fee.  All refund requests must be received prior to 2 weeks before the date of the bazaar. Vendors on the wait list who wish to be removed from the wait list will be refunded their booth fees.  Any vendors on the wait list that do not get into the show will receive their entire booth fee back directly after the bazaar.

What can be sold in a booth?
All products must be handmade, and as of November 10, 2016, all products must be sold by the artist/crafter.  Food, religious items, and items that make noise must be pre-approved by the bazaar staff. No items containing nudity or partial nudity, political content, offensive material, or anything deemed inappropriate by the bazaar staff may be sold, distributed or displayed.

The Bazaar Staff is always here to answer your questions!  Please email us at!


Vendor Application 2020 (pdf)